You may use this page as a reference as you familiarize yourself with the color and pattern options of the irresistible ragdoll.


Ragdolls are a pointed breed, meaning they always have blue eyes and colored points on the legs, tails, and heads.


Kittens are born white and develop their color over time, so be patient with the differences between kittens and adults!

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patterns & overlays

Hint: Think more color, less white. Overall darker appearance than the mitted & bicolor ragdolls.


Blue colorpoint

Grey chin, grey toes, beige body


Seal colorpoint

Dark brown toes, dark brown chin, beige body


Blue Mitted

White toes, white chin, grey face


Seal Mitted

White toes, white chin, brown face

Hint: Remember mitteds wear white mittens & be on the lookout for that cute, white chin.


Blue Bicolor

White & grey face, inverted 'V', grey colored saddle, white legs 


Seal bicolor

White & brown face, inverted 'V', grey colored saddle, white legs

Hint: Bicolor cats have that unmistakable white mask and have the lightest overall appearance of all.

Blue Lynx Mitted

Presence of light & dark grey tabby stripes, white toes

Seal lynx colorpoint

Presence of light & dark brown tabby stripes on face, legs, toes



Hint: Remember Lynx cats have stripes, sporting any ragdoll color with tabby stripe overlays.