Rumi's Ragdolls

Healthy, happy cats produce healthy, happy kittens! All of our breeding cats are tested for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), polycystic kidney disease (PKD), Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), and several more diseases. We use Optimal Selection to test our cats for disorder, trait, blood type, and pharmacogenetic results.

At this time we offer kittens in the following: 

Color: Blue or Seal

Pattern: Bicolor or Mitted

Overlay: Lynx or Solid

Seal Point Mitted King:  Calm, Gentle, Quiet, Cuddlebug
carries dilute

Roman joins us from Tarpon Springs, FL and will be our first sire to show and breed. Roman is a seal mitted boy with a tiny blaze that we like to call an "angel kiss." His calm nature, markings, and bone structure are the perfect embodiment of a ragdoll. Nothing bothers this guy! He handles barking dogs and roaring vacuums in stride. He always has a positive reaction and attitude to everyone around him. Roman and his kittens will make great contributions to the breed.  He competed in TICA shows as a kitten, and spends his adult time relaxing by a window or wrestling with his best bud, Pash.

Genetic Report.

If it fits, I sits
Resting Roman
Handsome Roman


romanof RumiRagdolls


RW TGC RusticKittens
Magnoliaof RumiRagdolls

Blue Lynx Bicolor Queen : Vocal, Curious, Playful, Easy-going

When Paired with Roman, Lia can produce blue lynx or seal lynx: mitted or bicolor kittens

Magnolia joins us from Norfolk, VA and will be our first queen. "Lia" is a blue lynx bicolor with the most gorgeous  eyes we've ever seen. She loves licking fingers, toes, and faces.  As our first breeding cat, Lia has been a wonderful mom- attentive, clean, and patient. She is certain to establish a wonderful foundation for our breeding program. Lia has been competing in TICA shows since the age of 5 months and we are thrilled that she has become Triple Grand Champion before age 1!


Genetic Report. 


Magnolia 4 Months
Lia 4 Months
Magnolia, 11 Weeks
Curious Lia

Blue Bicolor Queen:  Affectionate, Confident, Friendly, Energetic

When Paired with Roman, Serena can produce blue  or seal: mitted or bicolor kittens

Serena joins us from China and will be  our next upcoming queen. Since joining our cattery, Serena has become the best part of my day. She is obsessed with humans, rubbing against us, purring, and jumping into laps all day long. She is the epitome of a ragdoll with her fluffy coat, sweet blue eyes, and unmistakable puppy-cat behavior. We are honored to have MaroonBlue lines in our breeding program, which allows us to focus on breeding extremely floppy, cuddly kittens while maintaining health and looks. We can't wait to see how she does in the show hall!

Genetic Report.

Serena, 5 Months
Serena 6 Months


Serenaof RumiRagdolls


Havanaof RumiRagdolls

Seal Bicolor Queen  Adventurous, Playful, Smart, Friendly
When Paired with Roman, Havana can produce blue or seal: mitted or bicolor kittens

Havana joins us from Sacramento, CA and will be an upcoming queen fall 2021. Havana has an outgoing personality - all she cares about is playtime! We are extremely happy to debut our first seal bicolor female into the breeding program as they are my personal favorite color/pattern combination. She has already proven to be a favorite in the show hall as a kitten and we are excited to see where her show career takes her.  Havana's pedigree has strong Traditional lines. She can produce lilac and chocolate kittens which we look forward to introducing in the future.

Genetic Report.

Awards: Pending

Havana, 4.5 Months
Havana 4 Months
Havana, DEC2020
Heidiof RumiRagdolls

Blue Bicolor Queen  Sassy, Competitive, Purr-Machine, Talkative

When Paired with Roman, Heidi can produce blue or seal: mitted or bicolor kittens

Heidi joins us from Sacramento, CA and will be an upcoming queen. Heidi is certainly a leader, marching to the beat of her own drum. She is a constant kneader and lap hog. If you have a lap, you have a Heidi. She loves attention and sharing her feelings about everything with her tiny little meows and chirps. She is large and in charge! We love her type and look forward to strong, loving kittens from her. 

Genetic Report.

Heidi, 5 months
Heidi, 4 Months
Heidi, 4 Months
Heidi, 4 Months