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Here at RumiRagdolls, we are a small TICA & CFA registered cattery of a few people and several pets! While we are openly "dog people," we have an immense love for the ragdoll breed for their friendly personalities.

Through responsible showing and breeding, we plan to uphold the integrity of this beautiful breed while placing healthy, happy kittens in loving homes like yours.  Whether you have pets, kids, or plants - these cats fit well into virtually any lifestyle. 
Our Pets
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Our Process 

Because we love these cats  so deeply, we breed conservatively and expect only a small number of litters  per year. All of our kittens are evaluated to determine if they will remain here at Rumi Ragdolls to advance our program.​

We match our kittens to adoptive families based on your kitten inquiry and our phone interview, After 8-12 weeks of observation and evaluation, we get to know their character pretty well. If you want to join our growing family, please send us a serious inquiry!

To date, we have placed kittens with dozens of loving families around the United States. We love staying in touch and watching the Rumi babies grow. Among our incredible clients are @acornhillpets and @jamiefrayserphotography who have been kind enough to let us share their photos on our website. Find them on Instagram for additional photography. 

  • Can I leave my ragdoll home if I travel?
    Since they crave interactions and attention, ragdolls should not be left alone for long periods of time. If you feel that your lifestyle requires you to travel often, make sure you leave enough food, water, and litter for your cat and consider a second pet so that they can keep each other company when you are away. We don't recommend leaving cats unattended for longer than 24-36 hours at a time.
  • What will I need for my new kitten?
    You can consult our recommended products page to see what we use and love.
  • Are ragdolls hypoallergenic?
    Ragdoll cats are NOT hypoallergenic. While they lack an undercoat and produce less dander, people with allergies can still have a reaction to their saliva and fur. Allergies or not, you and your cat will feel better if you brush them out once a week to maintain a healthy coat.
  • is it okay to declaw a ragdoll?
    Never. It is never okay to declaw. The good news, however, is that ragdolls are generally not known for playing with their claws drawn. If you provide scratching posts and toys, they generally stay away from furniture and curtains. We have four ragdolls, two dogs, AND a nicely kept home!
  • Can I let my ragdoll go outside?
    We highly discourage allowing your ragdoll cat to spend time outdoors. Ragdolls are very much domesticated cats, rendering them vulnerable outdoors. Due to their curious and friendly nature, they may not pick up on dangers (cars, foxes, dogs, heights). Don't worry, they are very happy perched on the windowsill bird watching with you at home!
  • What is the difference between seal and blue? What about lynx? What are all these colors and prints!?
    Seal ragdolls have darker, brown points. Blue ragdolls have grey points. Lynx pattern cats have blue or seal tabby stripes! Remember that ragdoll coloring develops over time. Regardless of color or pattern, all ragdolls should have blue eyes. Any breeder who advertises mink, sepia, white kittens with 'aqua' eyes is breeding outside of the breed standard for ragdoll cats. learn more about ragdoll colors check out this page or read about ragdolls through CFA or TICA.
  • Do ragdolls shed a lot?
    Ragdolls have rabbit-like fur and shed seasonally. Brushing them weekly should help. Compared to domestic short hair cats, ragdolls generally shed less! ​
  • Do ragdolls make good pets?
    Absolutely! Ragdolls are incredibly social and love attention and companionship. We highly recommend them for families and dog lovers. Their breed name "ragdoll" comes from the natural response for them to flop over when held! The "floppy" cat and "puppy" cat nicknames are a testament to how wonderful they are as pets.
  • Which gender is sweeter?
    I spent my teens and early 20's fostering dozens of cats and dogs.. With certainty I can say that when it comes to the ragdoll, I have not noticed a difference in the level of sweetness/cuddliness of ragdoll cats. I do sense a difference with the domestic short hairs from my past- but not the ragdolls. The main difference between genders is that females tend to be a bit more playful than males. Both genders are equally affectionate and cuddly in our lines.

Our Pets


Kitten wrangler

DOB 02.07.10

Sable Tibetan Terrier


 Resident ragdoll

DOB 07.17.17

Seal Lynx Mitted Ragdoll


Guard dog

DOB 06.29.16

Orange Pomeranian

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