This page will assist you with the arrival of your new kitten. The products listed below are what we personally like to use here at Rumi Ragdolls and we recommend continuation of use for your kitten at home with you. Our suggestion is that new families purchase these products ahead of time.  You may gradually switch to products that you feel work better for you, but please allow time for your new kitten to adjust. For more detail, we suggest viewing this page on your computer instead of your smartphone or tablet.

Products we love


Please be sure to have at least one wet and one of the dry foods before your kitten comes home to you. In addition to these foods, we recommend bottled or filtered water as part of a balanced diet. You may click on each item to learn more.


Odor control and cleanliness is incredibly important in our home and we want to share our favorite products with you. You may click on each item to learn more.


As we have mentioned before, we love to keep a clean home! These products greatly help us keep odor, germs, and hair under control. You may click on each item to learn more.



As a medium-haired breed, ragdolls will require some grooming. We find this time to be a relaxing and offers an opportunity to bond with cats. Start them off young and gently. You may click on each item to learn more.


Here are some recommended products we use around the house. We suggest using products that match the overall theme and décor in your home. You may click on each item to learn more.